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Are you a writer wondering how to shape and share your story?

Are you an activist searching for solidarity and solutions?

Are you an incest survivor or support organization?

If so, you've come to the right place.

Receive all the support you need to write, refine, & share your story

Read my publications that share my own story of recovery and activism.

Review training & workshop options for incest abuse survivors & supporters.

Subscribe to RoadHEAD: a newsletter that shares stories about mental health and travel.

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Hello, I'm Jo (she/they)! 

I'm a queer, neurodivergent author and activist.

I share my story of survival and liberation from violent

ideology, incest, and illness to ensure the next generation of children are safe

and survivors supported. You can learn more about me by reviewing my works below.

I also accompany other writers, survivors, supporters, and activists to

share their own stories through trainings, workshops, and coaching services.

So, if you're seeking support in your personal writing process or want a training

for your survivor-centered organization, say hello! 

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