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About Me

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Incest Abuse Survivor

Published Writer

Writing Coach

Hi! I'm Jo.
It's nice to virtually meet you.

I'm a copywriter and content writer who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs build brands for businesses that promote equitable community development. From blog and article writing to newsletter and advertisement copy, social media posts to feature length article publication, I manage the content strategy and execution of brands that seek to have a positive impact on their communities. 

My personal writing interests center within creative non-fiction. As an incest abuse survivor, I'm passionate about using the written word to break cycles of violence and inspire healing. I also support others in writing and publishing their own stories to increase awareness and create communities of trauma-informed support.

In my free time, you'll find me swimming in the sea, scaling some mountain, hanging out with friends, exploring a new neighborhood in the majestic Seattle, or traveling to some new place seeking adventure. 
I'd love to get to know you better. Take a look at my services page for more information about how I can support you with writing consulting, brand building, and copy
and content strategy and development. 

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Sharing stories openly and honestly allows for us to more deeply understand the creativity and complexity of the human experience.

It invites us to comprehend our differences more fully and celebrate

our similarities more freely. 


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Master in Liberal Arts

I studied the intersection of women's spirituality & Ignatian spirituality at the Jesuit School of Theology in

Berkeley, CA from 2009-2012.

Writing is central to success in any liberal arts education. Frequent essay writing and completing a final dissertation prepared me to become a careered writer.


Published Writer

Published in over 25 digital and print magazines, I have written and pitched my own works for over five years. The art of writing is the gift of the work, the business of writing the creative challenge, and the psychology of writing the greatest discipline. I'm here to support you in managing all these processes. From choosing the right phrases, to pitching publications, to accepting rejections and embracing success, I can help you to make your writing process meaningful and succesfull.


Intersectional Feminist

Intersectional Feminism holds, educates, and advocates for the complexities of individuals who participate in systems that may or may not be structured to benefit them. As an Intersectional Feminist, I am interested in seeing people whole by taking into account their genetic histories, life stories, race, age, abilities, gender, sexual identities, etc., as well as advocating for safe interaction in the world through self-care, safe family systems, and organizations open to diversity and equity.

I first met Jo about two years ago through our intersection in the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network. What first struck me about her was the truly incredible depth of knowledge she had about trauma, sexual violence, relationships, and spirituality. I knew right away that this was someone passionate about change and helping survivors to heal and flourish.


Since then, we founded an organization together and have worked on many joint projects. I have continually been admiring of - and grateful for - all that she gives of herself in her work. Jo is smart, resourceful, optimistic, and has a wonderfully refreshing sense of humor, which makes difficult topics much easier to tackle in collaboration.

I am deeply impressed by Jo's accomplishments and vision for a world in which all people are valued and respected. I recommend her most highly!


- Suzanne Isaza, founder, Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN) and Incest AWARE

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