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It has been an honor to partner with the mission-driven businesses below to create inspiring and inclusive copy and content that attracts the people

who need them most.



A mental health classes startup

~ Relaunched the mental health classes platform.

~ Partnered with design and marketing teams to convert

    old members and attract new members.

~ Created inclusive, trauma-informed, SEO copy and content for websites, blogs, and social media.

~ Leveraged teacher audiences to build awareness.


Lexington Writing Firm

An inclusive healthcare content writing firm

~ Wrote inclusive, easily-translatable content for healthcare clients.

~ Built brand awareness through social media.

~ Provided inclusive healthcare content advice through

    regular blog posts.

~ Improved SEO and marketing assets.


Bellden Cafe

A coffee shop that supports the community through drives

~ Improved website copy.

~ Advanced public relations efforts through publications in outlets        like Reader's Digest and Good Morning America.

~ Contributed to social media, planned marketing events, and

     wrote blog posts. 


Messy Play Kits

A children's sensory kit & bin subscription business

~ Wrote blog and designed social media posts.

~ Created content videos.

~ Represented MPK at art fairs for children.

~ Supported business development and hiring efforts.


Kesa Kivel Studios

Anti-racist & anti-incest educational materials

~ Developmental and line edits to prime a book length work

    for publication.

~ Writing coaching to support emotional resilience, practice

    commitment, and personal healing.


Le Tusa, Inc.

Support for persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

~ Built and launched website including design and copy.

~ Designed first round of social media posts.

~ Contributed to training material design and organization.


"I was looking for someone to help write the copy for my website when I found Jo. Not only did she exceed my expectations on writing the copy for my website, she exceeded my wildest expectations for essentially 2/3 of the projects I had for my business!

On top of all that, Jo is an organization expert. She has created project management timelines with deadlines and recommended task owners, helped us get set up in Monday for project management, and so much more..


Jo is comfortable working with everyone on my team, which is huge! She joins weekly calls with the 3 of us to make sure that everyone is aligned and things are getting done as efficiently as possible. She's helped save me so much time by cutting me out as the middleman and coordinating directly with the rest of my team. 


As a solopreneur, working with Jo has felt like coming up for air. I've been able to turn to her for everything from copywriting to social media to project management. The amount of time and mental headspace she has saved me is impossible to put into to words. I cannot imagine my business today without working with Jo


She has such a fun and optimistic personality that I so appreciate as a solopreneur. I tend to live in a world of stress and overwhelm, especially heading into launch. So having her be calm, cool, collected, funny, and excited, is huge for me during this process."

~ Hailey O'Neill, Founder and CEO, MindBar

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