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" I first met Jo about two years ago through our intersection in the Sexual Assault Advocacy Network. What first struck me about her was the truly incredible depth of knowledge she had about trauma, sexual violence, relationships, and spirituality. I knew right away that this was someone passionate about change and helping survivors to heal and flourish.

Since then, we founded an organization together and have worked on many joint projects. I have continually been admiring of - and grateful for - all that she gives of herself in her work. Jo is smart, resourceful, optimistic, and has a wonderfully refreshing sense of humor, which makes difficult topics much easier to tackle in collaboration.

I am deeply impressed by Jo's accomplishments and vision for a world in which all people are valued and respected. I recommend her most highly!"

- Suzanne Isaza, founder, Sexual Assault Advocacy Network (SAAN) and Incest AWARE

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