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The Incest Story Training

Learn about the consequences of incest and how to support survivors.

Service Description

Incest abuse remains a taboo topic in our society. This leaves children vulnerable to repeated abuse and survivors isolated in their recovery process. It's time that parents and professionals, communities and cultures, understand the impacts of incest abuse. Together, we can prevent incest, introduce safe methods of intervention, compensate survivors during recovery, and ensure a justice process that ends recidivism. In this training, tailored for individuals or organization, you and your team will learn: ~ The causes and consequences of incest abuse. ~ The institutional betrayal that leaves survivors isolated. ~ The intersectional complexities of incest abuse when coupled with racism, sexism, ableism, sizeism, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia. ~ Community support models that identify victims and place them in a network of support. ~ An integrated, long-term model of recovery that addresses the neurological, physiological, psychological, relational, economic, and spiritual impacts of incest. ~ Systemic solutions that ensure prevention, intervention, recovery, and justice. ~ Individual answers to support survivors throughout their healing processes. Say hello to Jo. to get started:

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