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I offer copywriting, content writing, and writing coaching services.


Writing Coaching

Do you have a powerful story to tell? Do you want a coach to support you in dreaming, conceiving,

and creating your work?


Have you already started writing your work and are in need of a concept or content editor?

If so, let's connect!

Schedule a call by clicking the button above.

Keyboard and Mouse

Content Creation

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to digitize content to amplify your brand and support your community?

Do you want support with digital content strategy including social media, blog copy, feature length articles, and email newsletters.

If so, let's connect! Schedule a call by clicking the button above.

Stack of Magazines

Publication Support

Do you want to learn what, where, and how to publish? How to find submission pages, write pitch emails, and introduce yourself to journalists?


Do you need support to help manage the ups and downs of rejection and publicity? 

If so, let's connect!

Schedule a call by clicking the button above.

With Jo's support, we achieved so much! The best one was being published on Reader’s Digest AND being featured on Good Morning America. I feel more confident about my work and the business’s mission and always feel supported and inspired to do more. The positive media exposure really increased our business growth dramatically in such a short time. From working together with Jo, I learned that I can do so much more than I thought without burn out or imposter syndrome. Jo constantly validated my dream of building a purpose-driven business that is the perfect fit for my skillsets and professional experience. 


- Claire Sumadiwirya, Founder and Owner, Bellden Cafe

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"I was looking for someone to help write the copy for my website when I found Jo. Not only did she exceed my expectations on writing the copy for my website, she exceeded my wildest expectations for essentially 2/3 of the projects I had for my business!

On top of all that, Jo is an organization expert. She has created project management timelines with deadlines and recommended task owners, helped us get set up in Monday for project management, and so much more..


Jo is comfortable working with everyone on my team, which is huge! She joins weekly calls with the 3 of us to make sure that everyone is aligned and things are getting done as efficiently as possible. She's helped save me so much time by cutting me out as the middleman and coordinating directly with the rest of my team. 


As a solopreneur, working with Jo has felt like coming up for air. I've been able to turn to her for everything from copywriting to social media to project management. The amount of time and mental headspace she has saved me is impossible to put into to words. I cannot imagine my business today without working with Jo


She has such a fun and optimistic personality that I so appreciate as a solopreneur. I tend to live in a world of stress and overwhelm, especially heading into launch. So having her be calm, cool, collected, funny, and excited, is huge for me during this process."

- Hailey O'Neill, Founder and CEO, Mind-Bar

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