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Sleeping Child

Interview with Brave Voices

Story Corps Archive

Cheryle Gail of Brave Voices and I discuss my story and "The Incest Gap," or how the lack of incest prevention, intervention, recovery, and justice methods is leaving children vulnerable to abuse, survivors and families isolated in their healing, and people who harm free to reoffend.

A Supportive Hug

Systemic Support for Survivors

Brave and Unbroken Podcast

Pennie Saum from Brave and Unbroken interviews me to discuss support options for incest survivors. 

Divine Healing

Creating a Culture of Healing

Leading People First Podcast

Anne Lauren comes on the Leading People First podcast to discuss the importance of creating cultures of healing. In doing so, the employee experience becomes more inclusive by allowing employees who have dealt with any form or level of trauma, to heal and be in a brave space.

Women Holding Hands

Pain to Power with Shirkydra Roberts

Together We Thrive Podcast

In this episode, I interview Shirkydra Roberts, the CEO of IAME - Impact, Aspire, Motivate Enterprises, shares her story from survivor of molestation to inspiring life coach, author, and public speaker. You can find her at

Child in Green Chair

My Childhood Made My Life Debilitating

Unfiltered Stories

Listen as I share my story of incest abuse, as well as discuss its impact on my health. I also explain the cycle of violence and the problem with forgiveness instead of accountability after abuse.

Travel Polaroids

Generational Incest Abuse

Feelings Fridays
Radio Show

Linda Vidi interviews me, a survivor of generational incest, to discuss sexual abuse dynamics and symptomatology through family generations.


The Language of Healing

Releasing Trauma: A Survivor's Podcast

We talk about those special incantations that release trapped trauma and invite your system to rest, the art of writing, and hope for the future. You can find her at

Yoga Mat

Therapeutic Yoga with Amy Jarvis

Together We Thrive Podcast

Listen to me interview Amy Jarvis as she speaks of how yoga can be used as a therapy for the mind, body, and being for trauma survivors. She runs her own yoga practice called ENLIVENhere. She can be found at

Adult Students

Healing the Unthinkable

Recognize Our Power

Kelly Wallace and I discuss the power of writing as a source of healing and activism for incest abuse survivors, as well as barriers to healing and justice.

Child with a Bear

How to Heal From CSA

Beyond The Vision Podcast

In this episode of the Beyond The Vision Podcast, we discuss the healing power behind the #METOO​ movement and I share my story.


#MeToo and What It Means To Be Thriving

The Trauma Therapist Podcast

Listen to me be interviewed by Guy MacPherson, PhD. about my process exploring the possibility of thriving after healing from childhood incest and illness through various modalities.

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